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Giving at Austin Montessori School

It is your annual philanthropic support that ensures the continued success of Austin Montessori School. There are several ways to give:


 Please consider making a donation to Annual Fund today. 


Matching Gifts

Increase the impact of your gift! Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable gifts made by their employees. To find out if your company has such a program, search your employer's name below.

If your company matches, you may be able to access the forms directly through the search. Follow your company's procedure and Austin Montessori School will be happy to assist. The impact of your gift may be doubled or even tripled!

Annual Fund

Annual Fund Video from Austin Montessori on Vimeo.

Contributions to the Austin Montessori School Annual Fund provide support for many endeavors.   Below are just a few of the ways your contributions support Austin Montessori School in its efforts on the children's behalf:

  • Continuing education for the staff

  • New roofs for buildings on Sunset Trail

  • New Montessori materials for each classroom

  • New and refinished furniture for the classrooms

  • New and refinished interiors for the classrooms

  • Tuition Assistance for Students

  • Aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments

Thank you for your participation and support.  Each and every contribution, large or small, makes a big difference. 


Annual Fund FAQ's


Why does Austin Montessori School have an Annual Fund Campaign?


The Annual Fund closes the gap between tuition and expenses.  In order to provide special enhancements and improvements for the students and faculty, parents, past-parents, alumni, corporations and foundations all support the school by their contributions to the Annual Fund.

Why not just increase tuition to cover the gap?

At Austin Montessori School, we would rather set modest tuition increases and raise additional funds than risk losing or excluding some families from the school.  Having a more moderate tuition allows us to achieve our highly valued goal of maintaining a more diverse community. 

What am I expected to contribute?


Each Austin Montessori School family must determine what amount they are able to contribute; gifts in any amount are important.  For some, this translates to a gift of a thousand dollars or more, for others, much less.  Last year, we received contributions totaling over $100,000 with gifts ranging from $10 to $20,000.  Our hope is that you understand the tremendous impact your contributions make and give accordingly.

I can't give as much as I'd like to; my gift really wouldn't make a difference, would it?

Yes!  Every gift of every size is important to Austin Montessori School and to our students.  Your contribution at any level demonstrates your support of Austin Montessori School’s efforts on behalf of our children and helps us make our parent participation 100%!

Are there other times that I might be asked to contribute?

Austin Montessori School sponsors several fundraising activities for the school including the Fiesta Auction, the annual Book Fair, Outdoor Environment Day, and other activities.  Involved parents will want to participate in these activities.  Our Adolescent Community also sponsors several smaller fundraising activities, such as the Coffee Shop and the highly successful and fun Bluegrass Night!

What does the Annual Fund provide for the school?

Annual Fund contributions meet a wide range of school needs and helps AMS maintain excellence in every aspect of its operations. Annual Funds assists in such areas as program expenses, Montessori materials, continuing education for faculty, grounds and facilities and tuition assistance. 

If I have questions, whom do I call?

Questions about the Annual Fund may be directed to Dawn Glasgow at (512) 892-0253 x10 or email dawng@austinmontessori.org

2010 Classroom Community Annual Fund Letters


Butterfly Garden

Cypress Cottage


Hummingbird Garden

Laurel Cottage


Persimmon Cottage

Pomegranate Cottage

Redbud Cottage