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Spring Break Program

Spring Break Adventure Week 2014: Time Travelers! (March 10-14)

Time Travel Spring BreakAustin Montessori School now offers a Spring Break Program that cultivates, in a fun and adventurous way, the creative process and creative thinking that expand and enhance your child's experience at school. These essential life skills are important to explore, exercise and develop now, while children are open to discovering new things about themselves as learners, inventors, and innovators.

This Spring Break, we will be Time Travelers, visiting bygone times around the world! We will start by taking a look at what makes each of us a unique and special time traveler. What will we notice most as we visit these places? What will be our contribution to our discoveries? After constructing our own Time Machine and preparing all of our Time Travel gear, we will journey to 3 different places: First stop is the Lower Pecos Valley of 5,000 years ago, where we will encounter amazing rock shelters, with painted stories and innovative tools used by Hunters and Gatherers, and possibly witness a White Shaman ceremony. Next we will travel to Early China during the time of Confucius. We will explore timeless Chinese fables, ancient traditions of paper cutting and kite making. Last stop is the European Renaissance, where we explore a world of Rediscovery through the eyes of people like William Shakespeare and Leonardo de Vinci. Activities will include hands-on experiences in drama, art, science, and literature. This week will be a delicious taste of what is in store for the summer program.

Pricing Information

  • Program hours: 8:30AM-4:00PM
  • Early Registration: December 1 through January 10: $235
  • Regular Registration: January 11 through February 28: $260
  • Early Arrival: 8-8:30AM ($15 for the week)
  • Late Departure: 4-5PM ($25 for the week)

Visit the sign up page to register here! Space is limited.

Contact Kelly Jarrell with any questions you may have.