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Summer Enrichment Program 2014

Austin Montessori School is now offering a new summer enrichment program for ages 6-12. In a fun and adventurous way this program emphasizes the creative process and creative thinking that expand and enhance your child's experience at school. These essential life skills are important to explore, exercise, and develop now, while children are open to discovering new things about themselves as learners, inventors, and innovators.

This year, Austin Montessori School will offer a comprehensive 8-week summer program for all elementary children, organized into two sessions. Families can still pick and choose weeks "a la carte;" however, each session will have an underlying theme throughout the four weeks that builds from one week to the next.

Each session will begin with experiencing the fundamentals of the creative process (week 1 and 5) and then blossom into a wide range of experiences throughout the rest of the session. Each week will either have a field trip or special guest to help bring the ideas and concepts to life. Here is a brief description.

Session 1: The Everyday Inventor (June 9 through July 3)
Four weeks of hands-on, minds-on experiences that help children learn the language Summer Program Austin Montessoriand skills of creative thinking through invention, creative exploration, drama, and innovation.

  • Week 1 (6/9-6/13): How to be an Everyday Inventor- Learn the language and skills for creative thinking as we explore the sensory alphabet—line, space, sound, color, movement, light, shape, texture, and rhythm. Each child will discover unique favorites and strengths of perception and invention, as well as a foundation in the creative process. This week gives children creative thinking skills to use throughout the summer and beyond.

  • Week 2 (6/16-6/20): Recycled Art around the World- Inventors, engineers, and artists are using recycled materials to solve problems and add beauty to the world. We will join them as we learn about and create musical orchestras, sculptures, and businesses invented from "beautiful trash."

  • Summer Camp Montessori AustinWeek 3 (6/23-6/27): On Stage with the Everyday Inventor- Explore problems, solutions, and visions of the future through drama, movement, song, and costumes as we build our own theater of ideas! This week's activities provide practice in on-stage and backstage collaboration, presentation, and poise for each unique everyday inventor. Bring a digital camera for instant movies and vignettes.

  • Week 4 (6/30-7/3*): Fabulous Foodies- A four-day exploration of food as a medium of invention and creativity with hands-on fun exploring nutrition, preparation, community, and celebration. A great week leading up to the 4th of July holidays!
Session 2: The Outdoor Explorer (July 8 through August 1)
A four-week series of adventures that takes "everyday invention" into the Great Summer Session 2Outdoors with a focus on science and nature through hands-on art, drama, and experiments.

  • Week 5 (7/8*-7/11): How to be an Outdoor Explorer- Explore nature, science and the universe as you practice the pattern language of the sensory alphabet--line, space, sound, color, movement, light, shape, texture, and rhythm. Each child will have new experiences in using his or her unique creative modes of perception and invention as they explore the scientific process.

  • Week 6 (7/14-7/18): Backyard Scientist- Practice creative and scientific skills as we explore the campus and nearby wild spaces with adventurous experiments and investigations. Bring a digital camera for collecting and sharing information and ideas.

  • Summer Session 2Week 7 (7/21-7/25): Crazy Critters- Who's out there with us? Using our newly-honed observation skills, we'll catalog and create species of our own, as well as observe the creatures around us. Learn to think like an archeologist, a biologist, and an entomologist.

  • Week 8 (7/28-8/1): Water Mysteries- Explore the watery world we live in with experiments and inventions that help us understand water safety, scarcity and conservation. We will end the week with a fun Friday of immersion in a local water landmark. Bring your bathing suit for the week!

Pricing Information

  • Program hours: 8:30AM-4:00PM
  • Early Registration (February 1 through March 31) by Session: $930; by Week: $260
  • Regular Registration (April 1 through May 30) by Session: $1000; by Week: $280
  • Early Arrival: 7:30-8:30AM ($30 for the week)
  • Late Departure: 4-5:30PM ($40 for the week)

Transportation will be offered from Great Northern to Sunset Trail and back during the weeks of the summer program. Below are the details of what is being offered.

Morning Departure time: 7:50AM from Great Northern
Afternoon Pick up time: 4:30pm at Great Northern

Session Fee (4 weeks): $90/session
Weekly Fee: $25/week
Weeks 4 & 5: only $20/week

Thank you for your interest in the AMS summer Program. Some weeks have reached full capacity. Please contact Kelly Jarrell via email stating the weeks you are interested in attending and the age of your child. She will contact you to verify if there is still space available within 24 hours.

Procedural information will be sent via email
the first week of June.

Questions? kellyj@austinmontessori.org