AMS Master Planning Initiative

    • Master Planning Launch Video

Austin Montessori School is excited to announce the launch of a major strategic initiative for our school - master planning and reimagining our Sunset Trail and Great Northern campuses. While these beautiful campus facilities and grounds have served our children and families for decades, we’ve reached our capacity limits and, in some cases, the end of the life cycle of some of our current facilities constructed over 50 years ago. The time has come to design, plan, and construct the Austin Montessori School that will continue to serve as one of the world’s premier AMI Montessori schools for the next 50 years.  
We’ve partnered with Alterstudio Architecture, LLCColeman & Associates Landscape Architecture, and Thompson Land Engineering for this project. Over the next several months, this renowned team of experts will be guiding us through a process that contains three distinct phases. The first “Discovery” phase is set to identify the critical aspects of the school and its needs. The “Exploration” phase will identify and prioritize the big ideas that will guide the master plan. The final “Master Plan” will incorporate all of the elements of the first two phases and knit together a cohesive plan, including phasing and implementation. We expect this to be a multi-year endeavor to bring the entire process to fruition, from planning to execution.  
This master planning project will be inclusive, soliciting insight and participation from every constituent of our school community - staff, children, parents, Board of Directors, alumni, and alumni parents. Very soon, you will receive a survey where you can share your experience and perspective regarding our current facilities. We will also have brainstorming and discovery sessions with representatives from each constituent group to ensure we’ve carefully considered everything before crafting the plan. Thank you in advance for your invaluable participation in this crucial process.  
These are challenging times for our world, and our work in Montessori education has never been more important. We are excited to embark on this journey as a community to reimagine and create integrated campus designs that elevate the best of what we offer to our children and families. You will receive more information about this project in the days and weeks ahead. Now, we venture forth!

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