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Parents Association

The Austin Montessori School Parents Association (AMSPA)

Welcome to the Austin Montessori School Parents Association page. Here you will find information about the PA's initiatives, upcoming events, and how you can get involved.

The AMSPA is in its sixth year with the 2020-2021 school year and proudly working to provide parents with increased opportunities for building community within Austin Montessori School, and with our friends and neighbors. With your support, the scope of the AMSPA continues to grow to meet the needs of families, staff, and our local community. We look forward to working together!

List of 3 frequently asked questions.


    • Welcoming new families into the AMS community.
    • Creating social opportunities for parents and families to get to know each other and enjoy shared interests.
    • Providing support and appreciation to our guides, staff and parents. 
    • "Helping Hands" is a subset of the PA whose mission is to provide support to families in our AMS community. Whether support is needed in times of great joy or great difficulty - the PA is available to support you and your family as best we can.

    As a parent with a child at AMS you are automatically a member of the PA. We do not collect dues nor do we require any additional information from you. At times throughout the year, you may receive solicitation from the PA Board in the form of a survey, a request for your time or expertise, etc. It is always completely optional how involved you become. We understand that your role as parent comes first! Your involvement in the AMSPA should support you in this role, serving to strengthen your family and your self. If you are interested in becoming more involved you are welcome to email us directly at pa@austinmontessori.org.

    Every school year, each AMS guide selects a parent volunteer from their classroom community who supports him/her in needs that may arise. Your community's room parent will be able to assist you in staying informed about classroom community events as well as larger school events. Feel free to contact your AMS Room Parent or a member of the AMSPA Executive Committee with any questions or comments throughout the year.

2020-2021 Room Parents

Youngest Children’s Community
Hummingbird Garden - Merila Thorne-Thomsen
Butterfly Garden - Andrea Jensen
Dragonfly Garden - Melissa Osterberg

Children’s House
Juniper Cottage - Lulu Carranza
Cypress Cottage - Maya Duff
Magnolia Cottage - Stephanie Chavez Noell
Redbud Cottage - Rebecca Bitter
Laurel Cottage - Marion Hardt
Pomegranate Cottage - Dayoliz Drews
Persimmon Cottage - Joana Garcia

Early Elementary
Heartsong - Courtney Kieke
Windsong - Natalie Duvall
Rainsong - Molly Parks
Birdsong - Mariana Mukhai-Agha

Upper Elementary
Nova - Rachel Duda Smith
Terra - Elizabeth LeFlore

Community Placemat Initiative

The Community Placemat is a beloved, longstanding AMS tradition which features a family photo of each child in the community. It is a great resource to help you identify parents and children in the community, and a wonderful keepsake of each school year.

Each student will receive a placemat at no charge, compliments of the Parents Association. Should you want more than one copy, additional placemats may be purchased from the PA store. If you'd like to donate to the PA to help cover the cost of the placemats, you may do so by visiting the PA's PayPal charity page here.

2020-2021 Parents Association Board

Blythe Crow
(Heartsong, Nova & Quetzal parent)

VP Communications
Natalie Duvall
(Cypress Cottage and Windsong parent)
Rebecca Bitter
(Redbud Cottage parent)

Helping Hands Coordinator
Kerry Sheehan
(Windsong and Terra parent)
The AMS Parent Association has T-Shirts available for purchase at the AMSPA Store.

women t-shirt
Designed over 20 years ago by Upper Elementary students in conjunction with artist/parent Harriet Huff, the various elements of the AMS mandala symbolize the foundations of Montessori education. The central yin-yang symbol represents balance and harmony. The Montessori mathematics curriculum is represented by the trinomial cube, and by the Roman numeral “1967” that depicts the year of the school’s beginning. The Egyptian hieroglyphics, reiminding us of the gift of language and writing, represent the sounds A, M, and S. The prickly pear cactus, common to Austin and the Southwest, symbolizes our beloved natural environment. Surrounding these images are the Great River of Life, and then the Time Line of Life. The twelve symbols on the time line represent the history of the universe and our planet, proceeding from the big bang, through the formation of the Earth, the beginnings and evolution of life, and up to humankind’s accomplishments in the present day.

Upcoming AMSPA Events

Please join us at upcoming Parents Association events. For more information or to volunteer at AMSPA events, please email pa@austinmontessori.org.

AMSPA Business and Service Directory

The Parents Association has compiled a directory to bring awareness to businesses and services offered from members of our community. It is intended for informational purposes.

AMSPA Business Directory icon