Early Childhood: Youngest Children's Community

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Margarita Ruiz

    Margarita Ruiz 

    Hummingbird Garden Guide
  • Photo of Abigail Adams

    Abigail Adams 

    Hummingbird Garden Assistant
  • Photo of Kiki Moore

    Kiki Moore 

    Butterfly Garden Guide
  • Photo of Ariana Rodriguez

    Ariana Rodriguez 

    Butterfly Garden Assistant
  • Photo of Norma Miranda

    Norma Miranda 

    Dragonfly Garden Program Director/Guide
  • Photo of Jeanette Plascencia

    Jeanette Plascencia 

    Dragonfly Garden Assistant Guide
  • Photo of Abby Marceron

    Abby Marceron 

    Dragonfly Garden Assistant
  • Photo of Chloe Hinze

    Chloe Hinze 

    Dragonfly Garden Support Assistant

Early Childhood: Children's House

List of 19 members.

  • Photo of Paije Long

    Paije Long 

    Cypress Cottage Guide
  • Photo of Elizabeth Suggs

    Elizabeth Suggs 

    Cypress Cottage Assistant Guide
  • Photo of Cristina Cortina

    Cristina Cortina 

    Cypress Cottage Assistant
  • Photo of Lesley  Williams

    Lesley  Williams 

    Magnolia Cottage Guide
  • Photo of Beth  Ringel

    Beth  Ringel 

    Magnolia Cottage Assistant Guide
  • Photo of Mira Wadehra

    Mira Wadehra 

    Magnolia Cottage Assistant
  • Photo of Angela Eagle

    Angela Eagle 

    All Day All Year Children's House Support Guide
  • Photo of Linda Ibarra

    Linda Ibarra 

    All Day All Year Program Support
  • Photo of Cheryl McGee

    Cheryl McGee 

    Early Childhood Environment Specialist/Interim Redbud Cottage Guide
  • Photo of Mary Ann Collins

    Mary Ann Collins 

    Redbud Cottage Assistant
  • Photo of Jesse Jahnke

    Jesse Jahnke 

    Laurel Cottage Guide
  • Photo of Socorro Aguilar

    Socorro Aguilar 

    Laurel Cottage Assistant
  • Photo of Valerie Pheasant

    Valerie Pheasant 

    Persimmon Cottage Interim Guide
  • Photo of Alma Cortez-Jackson

    Alma Cortez-Jackson 

    Persimmon Cottage Assistant
  • Photo of Jessenia Giron

    Jessenia Giron 

    Pomegranate Cottage Guide
  • Photo of Laura Chisum

    Laura Chisum 

    Pomegranate Cottage Assistant Guide
  • Photo of Trevor Perkins

    Trevor Perkins 

    Pomegranate Cottage Assistant
  • Photo of Amanda Herrera

    Amanda Herrera 

    All Day All Year Program Support
  • Photo of Vanessa Batista

    Vanessa Batista 

    Program Support


List of 12 members.

  • Photo of Kelly Jarrell

    Kelly Jarrell 

    Rainsong Guide
  • Photo of Eden Keig

    Eden Keig 

    Rainsong Assistant
  • Photo of Michelle Nuest

    Michelle Nuest 

    Heartsong Guide
  • Photo of Katelyn Wherley

    Katelyn Wherley 

    Heartsong Assistant
  • Photo of Erik Rivas-Rivas

    Erik Rivas-Rivas 

    Windsong Guide
  • Photo of Diana Day

    Diana Day 

    Windsong Assistant
  • Photo of Lani Mertes

    Lani Mertes 

    Birdsong Guide
  • Photo of Matt Williams

    Matt Williams 

    Birdsong Assistant
  • Photo of Nadine Gardener

    Nadine Gardener 

    Terra Guide
  • Photo of Jennifer Shaw

    Jennifer Shaw 

    Terra Assistant
  • Photo of Emily Curry

    Emily Curry 

    Nova Guide
  • Photo of Susan Sloan

    Susan Sloan 

    Nova Assistant

Adolescent Community

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Jesse Gevirtz

    Jesse Gevirtz 

    Director of Adolescent Programs
  • Photo of Thomas Logan

    Thomas Logan 

    Adolescent Guide
  • Photo of Veronique Mareen

    Veronique Mareen 

    Adolescent Guide
  • Photo of Jarin Clark

    Jarin Clark 

    Adolescent Guide
  • Photo of Kristin Romberg

    Kristin Romberg 

    Adolescent Guide
  • Photo of Lili Rose

    Lili Rose 

    Spanish Instructor
  • Photo of Jenny Maddry

    Jenny Maddry 

    Club Mundi Leader
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