Parents Association

Welcome to the Austin Montessori School Parents Association!

Here you will find information about the PA's initiatives, upcoming events, and how you can get involved. With your support, the scope of the AMSPA continues to grow to meet the needs of families, staff, and our local community. We look forward to working together!

List of 3 frequently asked questions.


    • Welcoming new families into the AMS community.
    • Creating social opportunities for parents and families to get to know each other and enjoy shared interests.
    • Providing support and appreciation to our guides, staff and parents. 

    As a parent with a child at AMS you are automatically a member of the PA. We do not collect dues nor do we require any additional information from you. At times throughout the year, you may receive solicitation from the PA Board in the form of a survey, a request for your time or expertise, etc. It is always completely optional how involved you become. We understand that your role as parent comes first! Your involvement in the AMSPA should support you in this role, serving to strengthen your family and your self. If you are interested in becoming more involved you are welcome to email us directly at pa@austinmontessori.org.

    Each classroom community at AMS has a classroom parent who serves in the role of room parent. The room parent is a representative of the AMSPA and is responsible for the coordination of volunteers from that classroom for three main events: outdoor environment day, Gala project, and fall festival activity. The room parent also engages with parents to build community by organizing social events. 

2023-2024 Room Parents

Youngest Children’s Community 

Hummingbird Garden - Kelly Larson
Butterfly Garden - Loren Bordelon & Natalia Lopez 
Dragonfly Garden - Sangita Sharma-Hall and John Hall
Ladybug Garden - Matt and Reagan Wood

Children’s House 

Cypress Cottage - Sarah Kiessig
Magnolia Cottage - Amreen Rajabali
Redbud Cottage - Virginia Dunne
Laurel Cottage - Gregory Tran 
Pomegranate Cottage - Tulasi Kolandra
Persimmon Cottage - Cait Quinlivan


Heartsong Community - Liz Vartanian
Windsong Community - Natalia Martinez
Rainsong Community - Xiaolan Zhu
Nova Community - Ana Slater
Terra Community - Renee Chen and Amy Maniatis

Adolescent Community 

Katherine McCoy

2023-2024 Parents Association Officers

VP Community Affairs - Merete Ellington
VP Fundraising - Rebecca Bitter
VP Communications - Gabrielle Beal
Treasurer - Victoria Priesmeyer


Gaines Creek Community Lead - Katherine McCoy
Great Northern Community Lead - Angelina Ashton
Welcome Coordinator - Carla Tremblay
Community Care Coordinator - Natalie Ammon
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