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    Screen-Free Week Presentation: Aiding Development in a Digital Age

    Presented by Grae Baker (Head of School), Sveta Pais (Parent Partnership Coordinator), and Bill Sneed (Adolescent Community Pedagogical Coordinator and Guide).

    Austin Montessori School is proud to join Association Montessori International and the American Academy of Pediatrics in endorsing Screen Free Week which falls between April 29th and May 5th, 2019. Please join us for a special presentation to commemorate this week.  

    The rapidly changing landscape of technology/media and its applications have challenged schools to explore ways in which parents, teachers, and school administration can enter into a dialogue with the goal of equipping students to become intentional users of technology without falling prey to its persuasive presence in their lives. Over the past year, Austin Montessori School has been working to review the research on exposure to entertainment screens and digital devices from early childhood to adolescence – its effects on development, the risks associated with a child's well-being, its seductive qualities, as well as reflecting on how society is adapting to this changing landscape. This presentation will provide a summary of the research and clarify the school's position on how to aid the development of children and adolescents in a digital age.
    Contact: Sveta Pais
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    Heartsong Community OED

    Please join us on Thursday, May 2 or Friday, May 3.
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    Gaines Creek Coffee Shop

    Coffee with Grae - Great Northern

    Great Northern Casita
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    Heartsong Community OED

    Please join us on Thursday, May 2 or Friday, May 3.
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    Introduction to the YCC

  4. 15
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    Redbud Cottage Open House

    Times to be announced.

    Gaines Creek Night of the Arts

    For Gaines Creek families only
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    Piano Recital ~ Students of Dave Bartholome

    Gaines Creek Campus
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    Sunset Trail Choir - Open Rehearsal

    4912 Sunset Trail
  4. 22

    Cypress Cottage Open House

    Times will be determined as the date nears.

    YCC Parent Gathering

  5. 23

    AMSPA Swap Event

    5002 Sunset Trail
    Contact: Blythe Crow
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    Coffee with Grae - Sunset Trail

    4912 Sunset Trail

    Sunset Trail Choir Concert

    Nova Community, 2906 Jones Rd.
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    Passage to Adolescence

  3. 29
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    Great Northern End-of-Year Picnic

    Northwest Park
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    Last Day of School

    Except for Magnolia Cottage

    YCC End-of-Year Picnic

    Sunset Trail/Gaines Creek End-of-Year Picnic

    Doc's Backyard

    Commencement Ceremony at Gaines Creek

    5677 Oak Blvd, Austin, TX 78735
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