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  • September

    Join Us for Bluegrass Night at the Gaines Creek Campus!

    Friday, September 30, from 6 - 8 pm

    The Gaines Creek Bluegrass Night is finally back! Bluegrass Night is a student-organized event and a fundraiser for our Gaines Creek Community to make it an even better place. On Friday, September 30, from 6 to 8 pm, the students will welcome the AMS community for music, fun activities, and plenty of delicious food.

    This year's event features the Everett Wren Bluegrass Band! That's the same band that played at our event in 2019. You can expect to hear bluegrass songs by Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, and Ola Belle Reed, as well as all sorts of Bluegrass tunes.  There will be booths with different activities, from sack races to a dunk tank full of water and ice! The delicious food for the evening will be homemade vegetarian chili, cornbread, baked goods, waffles, and more! 
    Please see the email from Monday, Sept. 19, for more information and how to purchase your tickets!
  • Coffee With Grae: Montessori - Application of a Scientific Pedagogy

    Join us at the Sunset Trail campus on September 30 for coffee with Head of School Grae Baker, where he will discuss the scientific nature of the Montessori approach. Grae will take us on a deep dive on specifically how we meet each child's individual needs through presentations, observation, and assessment as the children gain more independence and proficiency according to their own developmental timelines.  

    This conversation will explore how the Montessori approach is designed to cater to many different learning styles and what additional services and supports can be offered to a child who is encountering developmental challenges at Austin Montessori School.

    An RSVP is requested as space is limited. Please register here. Coffee and fellowship will begin at 8:15 am. Grae's presentation followed by a Q&A will begin at 8:45 am.
  • Fall Photo Days

    Our school photographer this fall will be Emily Hines of Captured Austin Photography. Emily is a school and family photographer with many years of experience. She will offer individual portraits this fall and return for community photos in the spring.  Children who begin school after the fall photo days will have their photos taken in the spring.
    Sibling photos for children in the same community will be taken when individual school portraits are taken. A separate sign-up for parents who would like siblings in multiple communities to be photographed together on Tuesday, Sept. 13, at the Sunset Trail Campus is included in the link here. Please note that siblings at Great Northern will have their picture taken together even if in different communities; no sign-up is required.
    • Tuesday, Sept. 13: Sunset Trail Campus - Magnolia, Redbud, Heartsong & Rainsong**
    • Wednesday,  Sept. 14: Sunset Trail Campus - Cypress, Laurel**, Windsong, Nova & Terra
    • Thursday,  Sept. 15: Gaines Creek Community and Great Northern Campus
    • Tuesday,  Sept. 20:  Butterfly, Dragonfly, and Hummingbird Gardens
    ** This is a change to the original schedule
    Please make every effort to have your child(ren) at school on time as photos will begin shortly after arrival completes.
  • August

    Nurtured Heart Approach® Parent Workshops

    Austin Montessori School is pleased to offer parent workshops on the Nurtured Heart Approach® held at the Adolescent Community Gaines Creek campus. The Nurtured Heart Approach® teaches adults to identify and set clear boundaries with children while encouraging us to focus on the behaviors, values, and characteristics we want to see our children carry into their world.
    The workshops are presented by Jeffrey D. Swan, MA, LPC. Jeffrey holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from UT Austin and is a Nurtured Heart Approach® Advanced Trainer. He provides several services, including individual psychotherapy, parent training, professional development for schools, and training for professionals who work with children. 
    Jeffrey has trained the Austin Montessori School faculty and staff in the Nurtured Heart Approach® and led two workshops for parents last semester. To read some of the feedback from AMS parent participants, click here
    Each workshop is oriented toward parents of children of a specific age group. However, parents, grandparents, and other primary caregivers will benefit from the information in either workshop.
    Workshop 1: For parents of children aged 6 - 14.
    Date: Saturday, September 10, 2022
    Time: 8:15 am - 3:30 pm
    Location: Gaines Creek Campus, 5677 Oak Blvd.
    Workshop 2: For parents of children aged 0 - 6.
    Date: Saturday, October 8, 2022
    Time: 8:15 am - 3:30 pm
    Location: Gaines Creek Campus, 5677 Oak Blvd.
    Please register here. Space is limited, and we ask that you register as soon as possible. The cost of the workshop is $150 per individual / $200 per couple, inclusive of lunch and all materials. Payment is required to confirm registration. 
  • Elementary Going Out Discussion & Chaperone Training ~ September 1st & 8th

    Join us for a discussion about the importance and relevance of the ‘Going Out’ experience for the elementary child. Learn how to be a ‘Going Out’ chaperone for our elementary communities. 8:30 - 9:30 am.

    • Thursday, September 1st, Sunset Trail Clubhouse (enter through the main office)
    • Thursday, September 8th, Great Northern Casita
  • Join Us for Coffee with Grae ~ Aug. 26 & Sept. 2

    Please join us for coffee with our Head of School, Grae Baker. We will be discussing all things related to child development, Montessori education, and Austin Montessori School. We especially encourage parents new to the school to attend. An RSVP is requested as space is limited.

    Coffee with Grae:

    Sunset Trail campus: 8:30 am on Friday, August 26. Please register here.
    Great Northern campus: 8:30 am on Friday, September 2. Please register here.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  • Welcome Back - Important Information

    Greetings, Austin Montessori School Community:
    We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back beginning next week.  Below, please find helpful information and reminders for what’s needed as your child returns (or starts) to school.  
    School Calendar
    Please reference the AMS 2022-23 School Calendar for all school events.  
    Arrival and Departure
    Arrival and departure times for each community can be found here.  Please arrive only during your scheduled arrival/departure time window.  We have intentionally staggered our arrival/departure times for each community to ease congestion and ensure safety.  If your child uses a car seat, the guide or assistant will help the child into their car seat at departure as necessary, but will not buckle the child.  Simply pull up one or two car lengths so that you can ensure your child is safely buckled into the car seat.  For families at our Sunset Trail campus, please do not perform U-turns, 3-point turns, or use our neighbors’ driveways to turn around.  This creates unnecessary and unsafe congestion at a time of high traffic volume.  If you’re traveling north on Sunset Trail, you can use the office parking lot to turn around.  For our Jones Road arrival/departure lane (Windsong, Nova, and Terra), please pull up in the lane as far as you can so that others may pull in behind you to avoid traffic backups.  In other words, don’t stop directly in front of your community; pull all the way to the end while dropping off/picking up your child.
    Late arrival procedures can be found here.
    2022-2023 AMS Operating Plan
    Our Risk Management team met earlier this week and established a new AMS COVID-19 Operating Plan for the school year.  
    Magnus Health Forms
    Please make sure all of your Magnus Health forms are completed and submitted through the Magnus app prior to your child attending school.  If you have any questions or problems with this, please contact Valerie Pheasant in the main office at 512-892-0253, ext. 106 or email
    If you’ve been contacted by school administration requesting submission or updates to your immunization records, please submit those as soon as possible.  
    Thank you in advance for your attention to these matters.  It’s going to be a great year at Austin Montessori School.  I look forward to seeing you all in the coming days.
    Kind regards,
    Grae Baker
    Head of School
  • Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! It's hard to believe that summer is winding down; the Austin heat certainly does not indicate summer's end. Yet, a new school year is upon us. We sincerely hope everyone has enjoyed an adventurous and, hopefully, relaxing summer.  

    We look forward to the start of the school year on Monday, August 15, 2022. Please refer to your child's phase-in schedule sent with your classroom guide's letter for your child's specific start date (this can also be found on the community bulletin boards in the myAMS portal). Also, please refer to your guide's letter or the school calendar for the date and time of your classroom's Back to School night. We ask that all community parents and primary caregivers attend these, if possible. Important information will be shared at each meeting. Additionally, it's the first opportunity of the year for fellowship and connection with your entire classroom community.  

  • 2021-2022 AMS Yearbooks Have Arrived!

    The yearbooks have arrived and are ready for distribution. If you ordered a yearbook, please stop by the Sunset Trail main office to pick up your copy. Yearbooks may also be picked up after the start of the new school year from your campus office.
    Sunset Trail Summer Office Hours:  
    • Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 2 pm
    • Friday, 9 am - 12 pm
  • April

    Start Dates for the 2022-2023 Traditional School Year

    Click here to view the 2022-2023 Traditional Year and ADAY Calendars
    August 15, 2022Full-Cycle Children’s House, Full-Cycle Early/Upper Elementary, & Returning YCC* 
    August 17, 2022Gaines Creek Full/Mid-Cycle
    August 18, 2022Mid-Cycle Children’s House and Mid-Cycle Early/Upper Elementary
    August 19, 2022Gaines Creek Beginning-Cycle 
    August 22, 2022Beginning-Cycle Early/Upper Elementary
    August 22 - 24, 2022Children’s House Beginning-Cycle (start dates will be communicated)

    Children’s House extended day begins August 22
    * New YCC children will have their start dates communicated
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