The Silent Journey and Discovery

Have you ever wished you could experience a Montessori classroom the way your child does?

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  • Have you ever wanted to know more about the Montessori materials?

    The Silent Journey and Discovery is a unique opportunity to learn firsthand what Montessori education is all about.

    This two-day event is a unique opportunity for you to see our classrooms through your child's eyes. The first day is an exploration, in silence, of the entire developmental continuum of prepared environments - this is the silent journey.
    It is followed the next day by work with the actual materials laid out in each successive classroom from Youngest Children's through the Adolescent Community - this is the discovery! 

What to Expect

On the "Silent Journey," participants go to Youngest Children's Community, the Children's House, Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Adolescent Community classrooms for silent and guided observation. With the absence of children, the classrooms are the focus. As such, the experience is of the authentic Montessori prepared environment and how they engage the senses.

During the "Discovery," participants are encouraged to interact with the Montessori materials and receive lessons to experience the intentional and inherent lessons built into their designs.

Participants can anticipate gaining greater insight into how children and adolescents at Austin Montessori School spend their day. This develops a richer understanding of the authentic Montessori materials and method, and understanding more clearly the crucial role environment plays in learning.
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