Youngest Children's Community (16 - 36 months)


The out of doors is set up to fill the children’s need to connect with nature, tend to the outdoor environment, and exercise their large muscles. Different areas are designed and provided with specialized equipment to fulfill each of these needs.
Care of the Outdoor Environment
The children enjoy activities such as sweeping the stepping-stones, washing the birdbath, and gathering acorns.

Gardens of herbs, vegetables, and flowers allow the children to plant, weed, water, and harvest. The experience of “seed to table” informs and inspires the child.

Large Motor Activities
Outdoor areas offer paths for scooter riding, small hills for running up and down, ball activities, ring toss, buckets and shovels for gravel, logs to step over, timbers to walk upon, stairs to climb, and a slide to go down.

Plants that have different leaf shapes, types of flowers, and habits of stems are cultivated to offer sensorial variety as well as to attract birds and insects. The children themselves fill the bird feeders and birdbath. Quiet places to sit and enjoy nature are planned so the children can sense their connection to the earth and sky.
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