The Connected Family Workshop

The Austin Montessori School Connected Family Workshop

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  • Building Communication Skills to Nurture Healthy Child and Family Development for Life

    The Austin Montessori School Connected Family Workshop is a parenting workshop led by Head of School, Grae Baker, and Director of Enrollment Management, Sveta Pais. This workshop gives parents the opportunity to form a learning community and forge strong relationships with fellow parents. Over six sessions, participants build life-long skills within the Montessori approach to communication and whole-child development.
    Topics include: 
    • The Montessori Framework for Understanding Human Development
    • The Neuroscience of Effective Communication
    • Preparing the Environment to Encourage Autonomy
    • Alternatives to Punishment
    • Creating a Collaborative Partnership With Our Children
    • Specific and Detailed Acknowledgment Versus Praise
I found almost everything in this workshop useful. I attend as many AMS workshops, presentations, and gatherings as possible as they provide solid information, ideas, and support in terms of human development and healthy connection with our children. - Connected Family Workshop Participant
I really found Donna Goertz’s articles helpful. They were grounding in the connection to the Montessori way. I also found the brain development research very revealing. I am going to do even more work to learn about the brain-nervous system connection and its effect on our way of communicating. Thank you!! - Connected Family Workshop Participant
What I loved about this workshop is the validation that we are human, learning something new, not perfect, and it's OK to make mistakes when parenting. This particular workshop felt more in tune with the reality of parenting / being a parent. Parenting is hard, and there's no set rule on how to be a good parent, but arming myself with skills and knowledge from this class really helps support me as a parent trying to be a good parent - a good Montessori influenced parent. - Connected Family Workshop Participant
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